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University Students and Professor


Sylvie Barma (Ph.D.)  is full professor in the Department of Studies on Teaching and Learning at Laval University and ex-director of the  Center of Research and Intervention for Student and School Success (CRI_SAS).

Rollande Deslandes  (Ph.D.) is professor emeritus in the Department of Educational Sciences at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières  and regular researcher at the Center of Research and Intervention for Student and School Success (CRI_SAS).

Nathalie Ste-Marie (MSc.) is the coordinator for the journal Revue internationale du CRIRES: innover dans la tradition de Vygotsky.

Jessy Turcotte (B.Ens.) is a student researcher in the Master of Didactics at Laval University.

Samantha Voyer (M.A.) has been a high school science and technology teacher for over a decade. She recently completed a master's degree at Laval University.

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